Ohio has special licensing requirements that CrashedToys and Salvage Direct buyers must satisfy.

Most of our buyers can purchase the majority of vehicles in auction as long as they have a dealer, dismantler, salvage, junk, scrapper, rebuilder or related license.

Ohio requires you purchase a specific license (click to download PDF application) to purchase certain titles and/or have access to the salvage pools in the state.

Some basic information:

License type How to apply Applies to Cost
Salvage Dealer Buyer Identification Card
(BID Card)

Visit the Ohio state web site - and click on the application links or click here to read the instructions. Click here to download the application.

Or, contact a BMV office - click here to visit the web site

Buyers and/or their employees who meet Ohio state requirements
and wish to purchase Salvage title at any of our Ohio locations.
$35 per licensing term
Other Links
Ohio Dealer Web Site